Let's overcome the inertia of thinking and take advantage of the opportunities for the development of our civilization, which are provided to us by modern information technologies!

Metalanguage Foundation is a non-profit organization by its nature. It is created for research and development of core technologies neccessary for future commercial applications.

A bunch of well known and successful technologies you use everyday are developing in the same way:

It's a fact already that some technologies are more valuable than money. It means you can't buy them or take under control just offering any amount of money. Examples: bitcoin cryptocurrency, aerospace vehicles, cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing, nuclear weapon, World Wide Web, status of international language, status of most popular programming language, status of most popular computer operating system.

Simple startups are usually founded to catch some markets and earn some money. But fundamental startups could be started only for development technology more valuable than money. They are created as non-profit organizations (foundations), but their derivative businesses are worth billions and trillions.

It was a fact 40 years ago that humanity will get global communication network in near future. And Internet was created in few years.

Now it is a fact that humanity will get Metalanguage in near future. The question is

Who will start a brand new digital era?


  1. Establish Metalanguage Foundation (we are here)
  2. Release Semantic Web as a service
  3. Release Meta IDE on top of Semantic Web
  4. Start integration of Metalanguage to real-world applications


If you become sponsor of Metalanguage Foundation, you obtain full source code, ability to run it as cloud-based or self-hosted web application, primary technical support and feature requests, an exclusive right to participate in all subsequent commercial projects. Technically you will get access to Metalanguage private GitHub repositiories and Discord server.

Sponsorship fee is

$1,000 per month per organization
regardless of size and market valuation.